Sausage and Meatball Casserole

Sausage and Meatball Casserole

Cheese added, just before baking

Sometimes, you get lucky and find a recipe that hits all of your feel good buttons.  My wife and I love Italian food.  This generally works out in our favor since our oldest son absolutely loves sausage.  Unfortunately, while the boys are still young we have to skip the spicier dishes since the boys won’t touch anything with even a hint of heat to it.

This recipe strikes a happy medium with lots of flavor while being easy, flexible and can be split up into smaller portions and frozen.  It’s very much an adult meal, but both of our children will readily devour it anytime we put it in front of them (something any parent will appreciate).  And one day, we’ll get to add the tabasco pepper back into the mix…

You can easily upgrade the components (homemade meatballs would be a great addition). You start out with the basics, good meat and some easy to snag vegetables and go from there.  The whole thing is complete in just over an hour and you can spend half of that time reading a book.  As far as serving goes, we usually just eat it straight out of a bowl or make some pasta to go with it.  The recipe also freezes well, so feel free to eat some now and save some for later (we generally freeze half the batch for easy meals for the kiddos later on).

As always, remember to use your own judgement and add or omit things to the recipe as you see fit.  The fish sauce adds a great umami bomb and I highly recommend trying it out in your Italian dishes.

Get the recipe here.