Blackened Chicken with Wine Pan Sauce aka My Favorite Roast Chicken Recipe

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The Story:

I love blackened chicken.  Hell, I pretty much love everything blackened.  I always have some sort of blackening seasoning in the cupboard where its easy to get to.  Generally I am partial to and ‘s line.  As with most things, you should try a couple and find one that makes you happy.

As with most things, this recipe came out of a night when I didn’t have a lot of time to cook dinner, but wanted something tastier than fast food.  Chicken is cheap and easy, as is buttermilk, and this is the end result of my mental culinary arithmetic.  You can have the whole thing ready in under half an hour (discounting marinade time).  Oh, and kids will devour it.  Also, wine.  Some in the dish, and some on the side if you’re a smart cookie.

You can go two routes with this, and both come out delicious although slightly different. One key point is to marinate the chicken for as long as you can (the buttermilk brines the chicken and makes for a juicier end product).  If you are using a smaller cut of chicken you can get away with marinating it for less time, and it will cook faster.

Route 1: Use a chicken tenderloin and skip baking the semi-finished product in the oven to insure doneness.  The first time I made this recipe, this is how we made it.  It was fantastic (about an hour marinade time).  Even when we tasted cold leftovers, the chicken was still flavorful and delicious.

Route 2: Get a bigger piece of chicken, like a large/thick breast.  Marinate and sear in your pan, but then pop it in the oven with the pan sauce and bake for ~ 20-30 minutes.  This makes for a more roast chicken type of dish that is also delicious.  Again, even the leftovers were good.  The kids likewise devoured this version.

In both cases, we ate this with our House Rice Pilaf.  Again, an easy dish that all of us look forward to whenever we make it.

Either way, I think you’ll find this recipe sneaking its way into your monthly rotation!