Review – The Jupiter Hotel (Portland, OR)

The Jupiter Hotel

800 E Burnside St

Portland, OR 97214


The Jupiter Hotel is located on the East bank of the Willamette River in Portland, OR.  By car, it is about a 5 min drive from the Pearl District and downtown.  You can walk to Powell’s bookstore in about half an hour.  We never used the public transportation to get around, but I can recommend Lyft in Portland for speed and value.

There are lots of great restaurants and bars nearby that you can get to in minutes.  While you might not be in the heart of Downtown or the Pearl District, you also aren’t that far away.  And there are *plenty* of excellent food options nearby (Le Pigeon is right next door). All in all, it is a great spot to be in if you’re looking to explore Portland.

The Room:

Being from the East coast and not being quite the spring chickens we used to be, we opted for a room on the Chill Side of the hotel.  This is the side of the hotel that they recommend for people looking for a quieter night as its further away from the Douglas Fir Lounge – which can get pretty loud at night.  While we never had a problem going to sleep, I do have to say it was a good choice for us as a louder room would have been unpleasant.

The hotel is a converted Days Inn from days gone by.  While there have been many upgrades since it’s previous incarnation, it still maintains the room size and basic setup of the Days Inn it evolved from.  While the room we booked was comfortable for our needs, I would recommend a larger room choice if you plan on doing anything more than just sleeping in the room.  We spent most of our time out exploring, so it wasn’t really an issue for us.

The bed was a simple platform setup with a soft and cushy mattress on top.  We liked the bed, though if you prefer a firmer mattress this is probably not the one for you.  Bedding was nice and warm (we opted for the down alternative – which IS an option).

The bathroom was nice, clean, and large.  They certainly gave us plenty of towels!

You get an old-school wall AC/heater unit which worked fine for the size of the room, and we never noticed any noise.

Bedding and towels were changed daily or less frequently based on your own control via cards left out for the staff.  A pretty simple system that worked out well for us as we would get up early and go exploring and be out until late in the evening.

Each room is painted and decorated a bit differently.  Our room featured a simple yellow pattern that was pleasing but nothing special.  You do of course get the quirky little touches the Jupiter is known for like a branded condom on the bedside and a door you can decorate with chalk (provided) to your heart’s content.

One possible downside to the hotel was the noise. The walls are pretty thin, as is the ceiling.  You can hear everything going on in the rooms around you.  Again, for us, this was not a major issue as we were not around during the day, and in the evenings we pretty much just crashed into bed and were out in a blink.  If noise is an issue for you, then this needs to get factored in.  This is definitely a fun time hotel, not a business hotel.

The Jupiter is adding a new addition this spring called Jupiter Next.  It wasn’t open yet during our visit but looks like it will be a much updated (ground up) version of the hotel with more modern amenities.

Family Travel:

While we enjoyed the hotel as a getaway for us, I would not recommend it for families.  The overall theme of the hotel is aimed at adults (specifically 21-30-year-olds) who are looking for a party.  The artwork, in-room wine, and nightly condoms on the bedside table are all things you do not want your littles around.  Also, the adult music venue and the late night noise level it brings to the equation (as well as the thin walls) are all things that are less than conducive to a good night’s sleep.

That being said, if you are looking for a great place to stay for just you and your significant other, then I would certainly recommend the Jupiter (though I would look into the newer Jupiter Next).



  • Great location
  • Some fantastic restaurants, bars, and breweries nearby
  • Good access to downtown via walking, ride service, or public transportation
  • Great staff – they were super attentive whenever we needed anything
  • Nice bar on site – great atmosphere and a good spot to meet up since the hotel rooms are smaller
  • On-site secured parking


  • Walls in the hotel are a bit thin (at least in the original section of the hotel)
  • Definitely not family friendly
  • Room size is adequate if you don’t spend much time in the room
  • Not in the Pearl District

Overall we liked the hotel.  It suited our needs and because we weren’t in the room much the size of the room was not an issue.  We really enjoyed some of the room add-ons available (wine, beer buckets, a legal cannabis package, and tattoos).  The location was great, and getting anywhere was fairly easy.  That being said, we spent a lot of time in the Pearl District or south of the hotel – both of which required travel.  We plan on staying here again but probably not on the next trip.  Staying in the Pearl District would make for a bit less travel and would be a fun experience.

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