Spring Pasta – A Meal to Enjoy with Friends

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Spring is Near

The weather is finally starting to change (last week it was sunny, this week it snowed – welcome to Spring in the Tennessee Valley).  It is time to enjoy the weather, while also enjoying some of the delicious vegetables that the season has to offer.  If you are at all like me, you’re also trying to take it easy after a winter spent eating everything in sight that looks good.

Sometimes it’s good to skip the cream sauces and go a different route.

Chicken marinated simply with olive oil and seasonings forms the protein base for the dish.  Leeks and bacon add flavor and texture.  A bit of butter and parmesan make the sauce creamy but while keeping things a bit lighter.  Peas add flavor and vitamins making this a great dish for the family.*^*

Personally, I think it is a great dish to enjoy over the table with family and friends.  When I first made this, Anna and I were pleasantly surprised at how flavorful and light the dish was while also being filling.

I recommend finding a good wine you can enjoy both within the dish and as an accompaniment. Some delicious bread is also a good pairing.


Fresh summer peas would be great in this dish, but generally the frozen peas you get at the store work just fine.

Don’t overdo it on the bacon in this one – it works as a great flavor note in the overall dish as well as a textural component.  That being said, it’s *a* main component but not *the* main component.

Go for parmegianno reggiano if you can – It makes a big difference in the finished sauce’s texture and flavor.

Overall, this is a pretty simple dish to knock out in under an hour.  The end result is worth every minute.  Increase the quality of the base ingredients and you will be rewarded!