People We Like

These guys put out some seriously great content.  Please check them out and enjoy!


Serious Eats – a site for all things glorious in food

ChefSteps – science driven excellence in cooking

Food Wishes – the incomparable Chef John making easy to follow (and delicious) content


The Bonneville Cocktail Collection – lots of fun recipes courtesy of the Bonneville in London


Kina Grannis

Nataly Dawn

Walk Off the Earth

Leo Morracchioli

Money and Finance:

Ask Sebby – really great content focused on credit cards and travel as well as some personal finance

Minority Mindset – a site I have found invaluable in its advice, as well as the enjoyable personality who hosts it


VagaBrothers – two guys putting out some spectacular travel content

The Points Guy – The premier site for travel and free travel via credit cards

Stefan Abrutat – an old friend from England who now travels around Europe on a bike and while doing blogs, vlogs, and writing for hire.  A great guy, and fun product.