Powell's Bookstore

Powell’s Book Store (Portland, OR)

Powell’s Bookstore

1005 W Burnside St

Portland, OR 97209


I love books.  I have since I was about seven or eight.  I was a rotten kid, so I spent a *lot* of time grounded.  I had no tv, and pretty much had to spend my time in my room or outside doing chores.  This left me a lot of time on my hands.  Luckily for me, my parents always let me go to the library (even if I was grounded).  This became my escape.  It also ended up as a boon when I got older – I read faster than my classmates, had better retention, and read at a higher level.  Small favors I guess!

Since then, I haven’t given up on my love for reading.  Before I had children of my own, I read a book a week – minimum.  Now, I read at a slower pace (and split things up between the written word and audiobooks).  One of my favorite things is still spending time in a good bookstore or library.  Add in a bit of the labyrinthine and I am a truly happy camper.

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