B. Matthews

Review – B. Matthews (Savannah, GA)

Breakfast of Champions

Savannah is one of those towns where you can not really go wrong.  Booze and food tend to be uniformly good – with better than average options.  That being said, there are a few standout places.  B. Matthews happens to be one of them.  I first heard about the place on Youtube.  Several videos mentioned them as a go-to place for brunch.  Upon further research, we discovered they do breakfast every day till 11.  We decided to visit.

Great decision.

The wife and I are decidedly in favor of good breakfast places.  We both *love* breakfast.  On my days off, I usually do breakfast as a given.  When we travel though breakfast tends to be hit or miss. Blame me for that, I like to drink on vacation and getting up early is generally not my idea of fun while on vacation.  That being said, we knew we would be in downtown Savannah early enough for breakfast and I decided to try something new.

Boy howdy, am I glad Anna agreed to my suggestion. Continue reading →