Review – Douglas Fir Bar (Portland, OR)

Douglas Fir Bar, Jupiter Hotel, Portland OR

Visit: March 15, 2018

Web: Douglas Fir Lounge

800 E. Burnside St

Portland, OR 97214


The Douglas Fir is part of the Jupiter Hotel and serves triple duty as an event venue, bar, and restaurant.  There is a seating area in the restaurant for minors, but be warned it is adults only in the bar area.  This seems to be a common theme throughout Portland – everywhere we went had signs saying where minors were permitted.  Considering the overall theme of the hotel, as well as the more adult nature of the lounge itself, this makes sense.

The interior is made is reminiscent of a log cabin inside.  Lots of golden wood and glass.  To the left of the entrance is where you will find the restaurant.  Anna did not make it in to eat at any point during our trip since Portland is great for food.

The beer selection is heavy on local beers (a plus in my book) and features a good selection of liquors as well as some pretty nice sounding craft cocktails.  My wife went for a glass of wine, while I went with a Deschutes NWPA.  The price was good (happy hour) and we were waiting for a friend so it was a good spot to spend some time.  I particularly enjoyed the punk music playing while we were there.

While I admit to not having spent much time there, I enjoyed the beer I had and the atmosphere.  From observations going to and from our hotel room at the Jupiter, I don’t doubt the place gets rowdy.  That being said, the menu sounded good and on another trip, I wouldn’t mind giving the Douglas Fir a shot for food if we didn’t want to wander far.  Decent beer selection of microbrews and booze though looked a bit high on some things.


  • Location if you are staying at the Jupiter
  • Good Happy Hour deals
  • Beautiful decor


  • A bit loud inside
  • Awkward seating in the bar area
  • definitely gets rowdy when there is a band playing