Ramen from Marukin

Review- Marukin Ramen (Portland, OR)

Visit Date: March 15, 2018

Pine Street Market

126 SW 2nd Ave #109

Portland, OR 97204

Marukin Ramen – Pine Street Market Location

Since we were going to be in Portland, and there are some really great restaurants there we decided to get some Ramen.  I am of course speaking of the real kind of ramen, not the stuff you get ten of for a dollar at the grocery store.  I am talking about the real honest to goodness Japanese slurping kind of ramen.

So after a bit of research, we headed to Marukin.  Marukin is the first US outpost of a Japanese ramen chain.  They make their broths and noodles in-house and with a fair degree of care.  Besides ramen, they also have dumplings (gyoza), fried rice bowls, and several other sides.  Intriguingly (I never did get a chance to sample any) they also have a fairly extensive selection of Japanese whiskeys on hand at varying price points (~$10 to ~$50 a glass).

The Pine Street location is part of a dining hall that also features a burger shop, French restaurant, pizza bar, ice cream shop, coffee bar, and a couple other eateries.  Everything is open and seating is shared – pretty much like a food court but with much nicer food available. Continue reading →