Bourbon & RC – A True Southern Libation

I am most definitely a bourbon fan.  Nowadays, it is pretty much my liquor of choice.  This was not always the case as for many years I was (and still am) something of an Irish Whiskey fiend.  For years, most of my friends have been fans of bourbon and its many brands.  Several years ago, my good friend Dave shared several bottles of fairly good bourbon with me and since then I have been a convert.  Neat, mixed, or on the rocks – I’m a fan of bourbon in all of its incarnations.

This one just happens to be the one I drink more often than others. *^*

It combines the bourbon my friends love with the cola that my mother loves – Royal Crown (aka RC Cola).  RC is a bit sweeter than its much larger competitor I shall not name.  You have to look for it a bit harder in the grocery aisle, but it is there. Personally, I like this pairing quite a bit.  The sweetness of the bourbon and the cola work great together and overall it is just an easy beverage at the end of a long day.

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