New mattress and frame

Buying a New Mattress… (my experience with Dream Cloud & Purple)

A Bit of History…

Many years ago, near the dawn of time, I was a much younger me.  I had a bunk bed (the top of which was rarely used for anything other than play) which I slept on until I was in 8th grade or so.  For various reasons, I then moved all my stuff into our guest bedroom and began sleeping on my mother’s antique twin bed.  The frame was nice, but nothing special (and the same could be said of the mattress).  For the next 15 years or so, I had that same bed.  It was tiny, and I beat the heck out of it.  It somehow survived several moves, time at UT, and all the abuse inherent in said activities.

Finally, I decided, it was time for a change.  Around 2005, I decided the time had come to upgrade.  I started looking around and found a queen frame and mattress for less than $1k.  At the time I was working in a restaurant at night and going to school during the day so $1k was a lot of money to me.  I called the number in the paper (yes, back in the day we looked at the classified ads in the paper!) and set up a time to go look at beds.  Looking back, what followed was a bit surreal (and possibly shady).  I showed up at a warehouse off Broadway, just past Fountain City.  I was told to come alone and at a specific time – I would only have half an hour to decide and pay.  Once allowed into the warehouse, I was shown the frame in the ad (Queen, Cherry, Sleigh) as well as the mattress it came with.  I could, however, upgrade both the frame and the mattress from the LARGE selection in the warehouse for more money.  As I didn’t have a lot of money to work with, this was a bit of a useless option.  Next did take a look at several other mattress options (one of which I did go with) before briefly looking at the other furniture on offer.  Then I got to negotiate a bit and had them to deliver my mattress and frame to my apartment as part of the final asking price.  I felt like I had just made the deal of a lifetime.  On my way out, I saw someone else pulling up (alone) and waiting in their car for their allotted time to shop (I bet they didn’t get the deal I did!).

That bed and frame served me (and eventually my wife Anna) well for the next thirteen years. Continue reading →