Review – Hale Pele (Portland, OR)

Visit Date: March 15, 2018

2733 NE Broadway St

Portland, OR 97232

Hale Pele is one of those fun places you find and then keep to yourself.   It’s a dark bar with a smallish sign out front and not a lot of outside light.  From the street, you can’t really see what’s inside.  You walk in the door and see a low set bar, lots of dark wood, tables to one side, and umbrellas.  Lots of umbrellas.  What you have found is something of a dying breed.  This is a Tiki bar.

Tiki bars used to be the rage twenty to thirty years ago.  To the extent that they now have a bit of a bad name.  People scoff at them and refer to them with derision.  In all fairness, there are a *lot* of bad Tiki drinks made out there.

If you are lucky though, you find a place like Hale Pele.  Hale Pele harkens back to the good old days of real Tiki bars like Trader Vic’s.  Craft cocktails, not mass mixed cocktails.  This is the good stuff, let there be no doubt. Continue reading →